hyderabad: taj falaknuma palace opening

© taj hotels - palace façade, the jade room, grand staircase [top to bottom] after a lengthy 10-year restoration the city of hyderabad regains a landmark, the fairytale-like taj falaknuma palace. now managed by taj hotels, this once was one of the many residences of the nizam dynasty, a family known for its incredible wealth and their knack for living life in the fast lane, and who ruled here for over two centuries until india's independence in 1947. the palace dates back to the late 19th century and was built in classical style by an english architect. amazingly, this great building was closed for over 30 years until it became part of taj hotels' portfolio. and now meticulously restored to its former regal splendour, under supervision of a member of the nizam dynasty, it reopened as the five-star taj falaknuma palace hotel. the property features 60 unique rooms and suites, including a jaw-dropping grand presidential suite, all equipped with modern technology and decorated in a style worthy of a palace. it further boasts two restaurants, celeste which serves italian and mediterranean dishes, and for fine indian cuisine there's adaa. needless to say that the setting of public spaces such as these are simply extraordinary. and that also counts for the outdoors as the taj falaknuma palace is set in 32 acres of manicured gardens where guests can relax by the outdoor pool or at the spa. guess where we'll be taking a dip this summer? location: engine bowli road [falaknuma].
© taj hotels - the gole terrace, suite, nizam suite bathroom and swimming pool [top to bottom