hong kong: vaford gates

© vaford - you're looking at an insa original

vaford group is a hong kong-based contracting and construction company. interestingly, it has launched an initiative that goes well beyond its core business. called vaford gates, it aims to revitalize the art community of chai wan, the area where the company's warehouse is located. the idea is inspired by the effect instigated by the bowery mural in new york, which triggered an influx of new businesses and arts-related activities to the neighbourhood. both local talent and big names in urban art are invited to create large-scale murals on both the front and back gates of the warehouse, and the first one up is british prodigy insa. the london-based artist, whose hyper real style often boasts finely crafted creations in which sexual desire and commodity-fetishism merge and contrast, has created two stunning shutter gate murals in his signature style, and are the first of many to come. insa's murals can be viewed until next october, when a new artist will drop by to do his thing. location: paramount building, 12 ka yip street, gates 2 + 5 [chai wan].

© vaford - insa at work in chai wan