hong kong: study and practice

© i.t - f.i.l. store in wanchai

in hong kong and a visvim fan? if so, you're in for a double treat. not only does this amazing city boast two official f.i.l. depositories brimming with visvim trophies, but the store in wanchai currently also hosts study and practice, a very interesting exhibition that celebrates the brand's 10th anniversary and displays a range of items of creative director hiroki nakamura's vast archive. in nakamura's design philosophy almost any product can be linked to something from the past and this is the very foundation of his own inspiration, allowing him to blend in contemporary elements of his own. each of the items on display is very indicative of visvim's contemporary style that is sought after by so many today [on through aug 3]. location: 8-9 sun street [wanchai].

© i.t - the in-store exhibition, archival pieces, designer hiroki nakamura and fans [top to bottom].