hong kong: soph. store opening

it looks like hong kong is becoming a second tokyo in terms of the availability of japanese brands. more and more hot labels from the land of the rising sun arrive in the city, even getting their branded retail space. the latest addition to the vast array of shops here is understated menswear brand soph.. with 446 sq.ft. the store is compact in size but that is fully compensated with a maximum of sleek aesthetics. white walls and ceiling, and a teak floor provide a minimalist visual frame. two lines of subtle cove lighting enhance the retail environment. an L-shaped mirror pairs with wooden wall tiles in different shapes to match the tatamis customized from okinawa, to evoke an authentic japanese ambience. this is soph.'s first overseas store and design guru hiroshi fujiwara flew into town for the opening party where he took to the stage for a gig. location: 26 wyndham street [central]. © i.t