hong kong: nigel waymouth installation

© joyce

commemorating the renewal of its flagship store in hong kong's central district last winter season, luxury retailer joyce commissioned british artist nigel waymouth [1953] to create an artwork. the result is a screen-printed poster of which only 100 editions exist. waymouth took cues from his background as founder of iconic 1960s fashion boutique granny takes a trip in london and one half of british art duo hapshash and the coloured coat. mind you, the british creative concocted many of the most recognisable concert posters and record covers of the time for the likes of pink floyd, jimi hendrix and soft machine, and as such he's no stranger to creating highly significant representations of culture, music and fashion.

starting with a panoramic image taken from the highest bar on the planet, the artist took inspiration from hong kong's iconic skyline at dusk, creating a neon pink starry backdrop for the poster. carefully researched, each detail included in the screen print has symbolic meaning. the work features a phoenix for peace and prosperity, chinese dragons to signifying strength and luck, and the circular dragon coil for longevity. the print is currently on display at joyce cabinet, the gallery space of the reopened joyce store, as part of an installation that also displays a range of waymouth's previous works [open through mid-september]. location: new world tower, 16-18 queen’s road central, ground floor [central].

© joyce / hapshash and the coloured coat – ufo [1967]