hong kong: marni edition pop-up store

© marni - a pop-up store full of goodies

hong kong's very first marni edition pop-up store has landed at the ocean centre mall in tsim sha tsui. in check with the brand's contemporary focus on ecology and sustainability, the 65 sqm. retail space has been designed by italian creatives marco and saverio lanza. the fraternal duo crafted an interior using readily available industrial materials. clothing racks were made from tubular pipes, accessories displays are made in painted and micro-perforated natural sheet metal, unfolding inside the space like an airflow duct and are combined with fibre glass display cases. the marni edition pop-up store features marni's collection of items that have become distinctive to the brand over time. location: ocean centre, 5 canton road [tsim sha tsui].

© marni - marni edition's eclectic-chic store interior