hong kong: lane crawford x alex randall

© lane crawford / alex randall - in memory of freddie

lane crawford has a keen eye for refined aesthetics, whether it's in fashion, design or art. on thu - may 17 [6pm - invite only] the retailer launches a hybrid lifestyle event that features a vast series of works by avant-garde lighting designer alex randall. known for her uniquely eclectic style that mixes modern technology with reclaimed materials and taxidermy, randall crafts bespoke one-off pieces for both private and commercial clients. the designer will be present and clients can order from a special catalogue and suggest their adjustments of the item of their choice. the backdrop of the showcase is an exhibition by renowned photographer chen man. all 31 photographs on display have been retouched by designer alan chan with different materials. location: one island south, 2 heung yip road [wong chuk hang].

© lane crawford / portrait by chen man and reworked by alan chan