hong kong: imminent domain

© asia society / dylan kwok - skyscrapers - mirror houses outdoor installation

currently on at the asia society in hong kong is an exhibition curated by fumio nanjo, director of tokyo's prestigious mori art museum. called imminent domain - designing the life of tommorrow, the show presents a series of extraordinary art works, individually created by 12 international hong kong designers who come from different industries. each designer has a unique interpretation over topics pertaining to current and future lifestyle, history, origin of human beings, nature, sustainability and technology. they are pushing the boundaries of our imaginations beyond the traditional means and create technological innovations that are driving lifestyle changes and affecting our aesthetic perceptions. the materials and techniques used for the works on display is intricate and eclectic, and range from led lighting and cloisonné, to video and fabrics. participating designers include dylan kwok, elaine young, teddy lo, william lim and yeung chin [on through mar 31]. location: 9 justice drive [admiralty].

© asia society / teddy lo - techno nature - baciliius II - led light sculpture installation