hong kong: i.t x wyman wong pop-up store

© i.t - wyman wong knows best today savvy retailer i.t launches the y i.t pop-up store in hong kong, featuring a tantalizing selection of fashion goods. pop + style icon wyman wong has been asked to curate the merchandise for the store's first edition. he selected cool men's and women's items from various designers and brands around the planet, including rené gurskov, olympia le-tan, walter van beirendonck, iris van herpen and sibling. mind you, the style master will be at the pop-up store during the first three days for personal wardrobe styling appointments! additionally, a series of ground zero tees will be launched on apr 2. all sales proceeds will be donated to the hong kong red cross, for disaster relief purposes in japan. the y i.t pop-up will be operational through apr 10. location: 10 ice house street, shop b1 [central].
© i.t - the y i.t pop-up store, rené gurskov shawl and phenomenon jacket [top to bottom]