hong kong: gareth pugh store opening

he may be paris-based but fashion darling gareth pugh's very first store has opened halfway across the planet in the bustling shopping destination of hong kong. a collab venture with edgy retail giant i.t, the new store is located on ice street in central where it already operates a string of designer fashion depositories, including comme des garçons' much publicized subterranean flagship and martin margiela. the retail space measures 685 sq.ft. and being the obvious brand statement, it reflects much of gareth pugh's dark yet futuristic fashion sense. it's a massive manifestation of black affair: walls are clad in black rubber paint while displays are matte black. the scarce contrast is striking and comes either in the form of glossy tiles that create a 'grid-line' effect, the glass-plated ceiling or the gigantic led wall showcasing graphics and images related to the brand. the designer flew into town for the opening and mingled with a crowd of overexcited fashionistas. location: 10 ice house street [central]. © i.t