hong kong: death bridge

© aishonanzuka / keiichi tanaami - the uncrossable bridge [2014]

aishonanzuka is one of hong kong's most interesting contemporary art galleries, presenting works of some of today's leading japanese artists. coinciding with the upcoming edition of art basel hong kong - a major event in which affiliated gallery nanzuka from tokyo will participate with a stand of its own - the gallery hosts death bridge, a solo exhibition of japanese pop artist keiichi tanaami. opening thu - may 15 [5pm-7pm], the show presents two bodies of paintings created in recent years. the first series comprises of paintings based on the original drawings of tanaami's animation in the 1970s, themed as marilyn monroe, john & yoko, referencing the artist's pop art influence and that of animators such as osamu tezuka and walt disney.

the second series consists of distinctive paintings that represent tanaami's personal history by way of autobiographical mandalas. these works contain motifs inspired by his childhood experience of war. glowing grotesque creatures are personifications of bombs and the light from their explosions and beams of light stretching outward recall the search lights that kept watch for american bomber planes. depictions such as these are deeply rooted in tanaami´s and have heavily influenced his most recent artistic output. the presentation at aishonanzuka is part of a bigger showcase of art galleries in hong kong's aberdeen area. location: regency centre, 39 wong chuk hang road, phase 1, unit 13a [aberdeen].

© aishonanzuka / keiichi tanaami - crayon angel [2013] and sweet friday 1 [2013]