hong kong: cos store opening

© cos - the new store in hong kong

cos is a subsidiary of omnipresent swedish retailer h&m. higher end and with a contemporary basic style, the brand has gained an avid following all its own across europe. the brand has now expanded outside europe for the first time, opening a store in hong kong. measuring 556 sqm. [5,985 sq.ft.] and covering two floors, the new store boasts clean, light aesthetics that easily give away the brand's scandinavian roots. the new cos store carries the entire mens and womens's apparel, accessories and shoe collections. prior to the store opening a showcase was held where influential local tastemakers showcased unique art installations and an exclusive preview of the cos a/w 2012 collection was given. another store in the region is already planned for beijing this fall. location: 74 queen's road [central].

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