hong kong: bruce lee - kung fu.art.life

photo: detail of an iconic bruce lee poster 

it's as if hong kong has finally honoured its most famous son. we're talking bruce lee - kung fu.art.life, a major commemorative exhibition at the hong kong heritage museum of kung fu star extraordinaire bruce lee. the martial arts icon passed away here exactly fourty years ago, and although born in san francisco to parents from hong kong, lee grew up in the bustling asian city where he enjoyed street fighting as a kid. at the age of 18 lee returned to the u.s. to study and while doing so he also immersed himself in the world of martial arts. this eventually led to him establishing his very own kung fu training center where lee blended philosophy into martial arts, and founded the jeet kune do style.

lee returned to hong kong in the 1970s, and the rest is film history as you know it. the show is a collab with the bruce lee foundation and it has gathered more than 600 items of the star's memorabilia from local and overseas collectors to create an exhibition that looks at bruce lee not only as a movie star and martial artist, but also as a cultural phenomenon from a more comprehensive and independent perspective. included in the show is a screening of the documentary the brilliant life of bruce lee, made by the federation of hong kong filmmakers. the organizers clearly expect this show to kick off a global pilgrimage as it'll be on for the next five years. location: 1 man lam road [sha tin].

photo: hall of the hong kong heritage museum