hong kong: bernard frize

© bernard frize - insulaire i [2004]

currently on at the simon lee gallery in hong kong is an exhibition featuring the work of bernard frize, the french artist's very first in town. frize's career spans more than 40 years, and he is widely acknowledged as one of the most important and influential painters of our time. the breadth of the formal and conceptual vocabulary he has developed, encompassing elements of process, of seriality, of colour and of the passage of time has greatly influenced painters of his own and later generations. the artist's abstract compositions are the outcome of carefully constructed sets of rules, sometimes elaborate, sometimes simple, yet they're always minutely choreographed performances which determine the works’ formal compositions. on display are frize's paintings from the insulaire sequence, alongside one new monumental work. [on through jan 15]. location: pedder building, 12 pedder street, 3rd floor [central].

© bernard frize - insulaire p [2004]