guadalajara: casa fayette opening

© grupo habita / photography: undine pröhl

anyone thinking guadalajara is the desert hideout of a pack of rogues from an old skool western flick, clearly has been living under a rock. home to four-and-a-half million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, mexico’s second biggest city has become somewhat of a thing in recent years, emerging as a thriving economic hub and cultural destination to be reckoned with. and it’s right here where grupo habita, the country's acclaimed boutique hospitality chain have just revealed their latest property. an intimate place situated in a 1940s art deco mansion and called casa fayette, quirky hoteliers carlos couturier and moisés micha – the creative minds behind grupo habita – collaborated with local practice estudio 5 and milan-based dimore studio to create yet another alluring hospitality concept.

in adventurous contrast with the building’s original aesthetic, casa fayette’s 37 guestrooms and suites are housed in an adjacent minimalist structure, all featuring a sleek palette infused with blues and greens, captured by modern design with a slight nod to the jalisco region. chic? oh yes, this place lays it on thick with additional marble flooring, polished wood and mackintosh-inspired glass screens. obviously, the splendour extends across the premises, including the mansion itself, but in a retro-inspired form that complies with its history. this is particularly evident in the ground floor bar and restaurant, leading out to an alfresco patio with adjoining conference room and private terrace. one floor up, a pool, bar and terrace are situated, providing guests with an idyllic little retreat amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. location: calle lerdo de tejada 2308 [americana].

© grupo habita / photography: undine pröhl