great tew [uk]: soho farmhouse opening

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due to its convenient proximity to london, the lush countryside and quaint villages of oxfordshire have traditionally pulled large numbers of urban dwellers in need of a peaceful retreat. the county's popularity has gone leaps and bounds, increasingly accommodating this migrating demographic with an infrastructure that meets their specific needs and requirements. founded in the british capital over two decades ago, and catering to creative professionals with a growing number of appealing members clubs in leading cities across the planet, soho house has now ventured into the british countryside to open soho farmhouse, a rural outpost, albeit one with the very same nifty perks as its urban venues.

designed in collab with michaelis boyd, an architecture practice based in london, soho farmhouse is set across 100 acres of rolling countryside in great tew, a village northwest of oxford. a cluster of original farm buildings and newly erected structures are at the core of the resort, accommodating a number of a-grade facilities, and are surrounded by no less than 40 individually-designed cabins in various sizes. but these cabins aren't the only option where to lay down your head as lodging options also includes two studios, a four-bed farm cottage, and for those who love to splurge, the spacious farmhouse is available.

the adventurously inclined are indulged by way of full-fledged bell tents out in the open. soho farmhouse is about rural recreation on an elevated level with facilities to match. the spacious 850 sqm. [9,149 sq.ft.] main barn is home to the house kitchen and restaurant, and as such it's very much soho farmhouse's social hub. it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with afternoon tea, local beers and cocktails, all amidst a homey setting of mezzanine dining areas and large swathes of glazing opening up to the farm yard. walls are finished in repurposed timber board and paired with cobbled stone flooring.

complementing the restaurant is the mill room, a country pub serving local beers, ales and ciders. situated on a lake, the large boathouse mimicks the feel of a working boathouse, but in fact accommodates a 16-metre indoor pool that extends in tthe open air with a 25-metre infinity pool. attached to the boathouse is another dining venue, japanese grill restaurant pen yen which serves sashimi, salads, agemono, tempura and traditional robata grill dishes, using predominantly locally sourced ingredients, in addition to other asian dishes. smaller in size, but equally welcoming in a matching style, the barwell barn is suitable for eating, drinking and private events.

as its name already implies, the teeny barn serves the smallest of guests, featuring all-day activities and an adventurously equipped outdoor playground. also to be found on the vast grounds are the cutesy farm shop + deli, stocked with tasty produce from the land, the cookhouse where to brush up on your culinary skills, and the electric barn cinema, a fully equipped venue where to sit back – or lie back, if that's more your style – and watch a movie. but that's not all, folks. there's lots to do and discover on this farm with, from a variety of fitness classes at the gym, horse riding, tennis, playing soccer, boating, and obviously, exploring lush oxfordshire itself. location: great tew, chipping norton [oxfordshire].

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