gothenburg: velour store renewal

© velour - from artillery stable to style hub

the swedish city gothenburg is the homebase of fashion brand velour, and it's in the middle of the historic city center where the brand has a store. located in a 19th-century artillery stable in art déco style, the store has a strikingly structured ceiling and and matching exterior. these characteristics proved to be crucial for creative director per andersson to set up shop here back in 2007. taking cues from building's history and design, the store interior has recently been redesigned by amsterdam-based practice framework architects, and now features expansive white walls, wall-to-wall fitted carpet flooring and an elongated desk build of teak and marble in the middle of the store. the retail space has further been spiced up with contemporary sphere lamps and brass clothing racks and light fixtures, and a vintage carl hansen ch25 chair adds a distinct scandinavian touch. shoppers are also able to view in-store screenings of gothenburg-based singer josé gonzález who currently stars in velour's spring video portrait series. location: magasinsgatan 19 [inom vallgraven].

© velour - a revamped interior