global: y's super position

© adidas - the y's super position in white

as you all know adidas has had a very fruitful collab with yohji yamamoto for its innovative y-3 line for the past ten years. the japanese stylemaster has now picked the super position, a classic sneaker by adidas, and reworked it with design elements of his own. presented as the y’s super position, it's made from premium materials: from the suede lace stay and soft leather lining to the smooth leather used on the toe box, replacing the textured shell toe as you know it. another brilliant tweak is the 3-stripes, which have been transformed with a hand-stitched feel, zigzagging along the side panels and made from cotton that overhangs to the sole; the thread can be cut or left to fray naturally, resulting in a quirky finish for each wearer. further details include a y’s super position callout that sits at side of the heel patch and a y’s logo on the tongue. the y's super position comes in a predominately white shoe with red 3-stripes and black heel tab, and a mostly black version with white toe box, sole and heel tab and beige 3-stripes stitch. it'll be available from sat - aug 10 at select stores across the planet, including no. 6 [london], no. 42 [paris], no. 74 [berlin] and y's stores [tokyo].

© adidas - the shoe's quirky characteristics