global: x-ray

© susie rea - the x-ray installation at the christian louboutin boutique on london's mount street

london-based retail design agency studio xag have crafted a rather cool window installation that's currently on display at christian louboutin boutiques across the planet. dubbed x-ray, it's inspired by the work of italian artist benedetta bonichi that grace the walls of the luxury cobbler's showroom in paris and aims to invite shoppers to explore what lies beneath their red louboutin soles. studio xag executed the concept quite realistically by utilizing authentic x-rays which were created in a london hospital and allowing christian louboutin to capture the hidden details and inner workings of shoes and bags in its a/w 2012 collection. the design team used pulsing sequenced lights and strobes to further amplify the impression of a real x-ray taking place in the shop windows. lamps inspired by a vintage surgical lamp that monsieur hristian himself bought many years ago and keeps in his studio were positioned in the windows to highlight the individual products. studio xag's x-ray installation is currently on display at christian louboutin's women's stores across the u.s., europe and asia.

© susie rea - a closer look