global: the creators project 2011

© the creators project - heading back to new york city the creators project is a global collab initiative of vice and intel. launched last year, it aims to support artists in realizing their creative visions through technology. it includes an online community, a content creation studio, and a global event series, with the latest one ready to launch in são paulo. to date, more than 150 creators are involved, hailing mostly from the u.s., u.k., germany, france, brazil, korea and china, along with other artists from around the planet. this year it has launched the studio, a full-fledged studio based at vice's international hq that produces multimedia works with leading and emerging artists, musicians, filmmakers and designers from across the world. visitors to the coachella festival held last april were the first to see the its cool concoctions. next october the creators project returns to new york city to stage a string of cool events. click [here] to sign up for announcements or download the event app to stay updated.