global: superfuture x andaz

global: superfuture x andaz

andaz wall street, nyc.

sharing an obvious synergy and outlook on traversing the globe, superfuture are happy to announce a collaboration with the andaz hotel group as 'cultural insiders' and global ambassadors.

with a portfolio of 12 global locations and counting, from latin america to the far east, andaz hotels are developing an innovative approach to trans continental lodgings that redefines the idea of modern travel. each andaz destination immerses its clientele of global explorers in a smorgasbord of local culture and authentic surroundings. with a more home grown attitude and feel than the typical hotel M.O. andaz have de formalized the traditional hotel experience preferring to focus on the details.

dedicated to inspire by staying on the pulse of nearby indigenous culture, a key ingredient of the andaz ethos is the support of local business and artisans. this is most prominent in the food andaz puts on its tables and locally sourced products in each suite. the andaz salon, another cornerstone of engaging local community, is an ongoing series of events in each hotel hosted by emerging home based talents and cultural arbiters.

much more than just a place to stay, andaz aims to bring its guests closer to their native habitat and in doing so, enrich the overall experience. as we watch their evolution and progressive contribution to worldwide travel, we look forward to presenting the many awe inspiring properties andaz offer to the international community. keep your eyes on superfuture social media platforms for news and features on the ever expanding world of andaz.