global: sunpocket foldable shades

© sunpocket - the sunpocket II in tortoise when it comes to shades, we're really picky. our roving eye fell on sunpocket, a hipster blast from the past with a legacy of sunglasses specifically designed for sunny ski slopes and mediterranean resorts. the brand has been relaunched, featuring two original models, the sunpocket sport and sunpocket II. both are foldable, and come in a whopping range of 16 colours with mirror lenses in three different nuances: oily, shimmering blue and granite. sunpocket shades have 100% uv-protection and work in all conditions. the mirror lens is darker in the upper and lower part to protect from sun rays and the reflection from sea and snow. sunpocket sunglasses are available at select stores across the planet, including opening ceremony [los angeles + new york], selfridges [london], merci [paris], frip [milan] and beams [tokyo], but can also be ordered online.

© sunpocket - retro fun with sunpocket