global: stone island - archivio '982-'012

© stone island - cover of archivio '982-'012

italian brand stone island releases stone island - archivio '982-'012, a publication that features more than 300 iconographic images of garments from its vast archive that includes a staggering  20,000 garments. the idea stems from the desire to illustrate this wealth and knowledge, and in fact the success story of the company. the book documents stone island's recount of its ongoing innovation achieved in the past  three decades, its sophisticated dye formulas, the manipulation of fabrics, and last but not least, the stylistic and functional research of the garments. the 644-page hardcover book is a trilingual edition in italian, english and french, and features a foreword by founder carlo rivetti. it will be officially presented today at the stone island flagship store in milan and then at the brand's other european stores at later dates. a copy can be purchased at these outlets, select stone island retailers and at select bookstores across the planet.

© stone island - a book that meticulously documents the company's design history