global: star wars notebook collection

© moleskine - we know you want them... moleskine's newest product frivolity - and must-have! - is the limited-edition notebook collection celebrating the iconic visual design of the star wars saga. made in pocket and large-size, with plain and ruled layouts, the collection bears on the iconic moleskine black covers either the world famous image of the jump into hyperspace - with a stretched starfield - or the famous star wars title crawl, with letters seen floating in space in foreshortening perspective. the paper band and inside cover reproduce famous scenes from the saga. each notebook comes with a reproduction of the original star wars art, tucked into the inner pocket. the illustration was created by the renowned brothers hildebrandt. moleskine's new star wars notebook collection is available at select stores across the planet, including barnes & noble [san francisco], rizzoli [new york], the conran shop [london], respublika [moscow] and tokyu hands [tokyo].
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