global: restaurant day

© restaurant day / tuomas sarparanta - lining up for homemade delicacies

yummm! restaurant day was first launched in helsinki in may of last year with 40 restaurants across town joining in. set up as a festival for food and restaurant culture, the event is held four times a year and has gained exponential popularity and the event's next edition on sat - may 19 will see nearly 600 restaurant openings in 16 countries across the planet. the basic idea is to set up a restaurant, café or a bar for just one day, and that could be done anywhere you fancy: your front yard, at the office, on a street corner, at the park or on the beach. and usually, the quirkier your concept is, the more people it'll make an effort to stand out! but the general principle of restaurant day is to have fun and share different restaurant experiences with other people. view the restaurant list or click [here] if you'd like to join with a restaurant of your own!

© restaurant day / heidi uutela + roy bäckström - puu-vallila's porridge and chaga mushroom, piknik ghanassa [top + bottom]