global: reference limited edition

© freitag - the r515 williams inspired by the recreation hang-outs in zurich's letten neighbourhood

they may be living in landlocked switzerland, but it doesn't prevent the folks at freitag to enjoy beach-like outings. in fact, they've taken the leisure improv as a creative cue, and are launching a series of limited edition tote bags inspired by the hugely popular city beaches and waterfront playgrounds of paris, vienna, berlin, amsterdam and last but not least hometown zurich. the new series are based on the brand's r515 williams bag, and are similarly made from woven strips of tarp, but this time crafted in different colour combinations. the interior is lined with fabric and features a zippered compartment. the reference limited edition bags drop in freitag stores and select depositories across the planet on thu - apr 26.

© freitag - the r515 williams inspired by the french capital's paris plage