global: ralph vaessen a/w 2013 eyewear collection

© ralph vaessen - didier

despite being one of the planet's wealthiest nations, the netherlands have always had an awkward rapport with luxury and high-end lifestyle. it comes as no surprise perhaps that the country is practically void of homegrown brands that cater to a sophisticated demographic. but there's at least one exception that has successfully defied its calvinist roots. we're talking the luxury eyewear brand of dutch designer ralph vaessen. a longtime government official, vaessen u-turned his career in 2006 and started to design sunglasses simply because he couldn't find ones that suited his discerning taste. known for his superb sense of style, vaessen's brand new a/w 2013 collection features twelve models for men and women, each hand-made from genuine horn and using a-grade lenses only. shown here are the didier and the katarina shades, two new models that we particularly like. ralph vaessen's a/w 2013 eyewear collection is available at select stores across the planet, including barneys [new york], l'éclaireur [paris], excelsior [milan], tsum [moscow], 10 corso como [seoul] and united arrows [tokyo].

© ralph vaessen - the didier up close and shots of the katarina for women [top to bottom]