global: r.i.p. lou reed

lou reed, the singer, songwriter and guitarist whose work with the velvet underground in the 1960s had a major influence on generations of rock musicians, and who remained a powerful if polarizing force for the rest of his life, died on sunday at his home in amagansett, n.y., on long island. he was 71. the cause was liver disease, said dr. charles miller of the cleveland clinic in ohio, where mr. reed had liver transplant surgery this year and was being treated again until a few days ago. mr. reed brought dark themes and a mercurial, sometimes aggressive disposition to rock music.
'i’ve always believed that there’s an amazing number of things you can do through a rock ‘n’ roll song,' he once told the journalist kristine mckenna, 'and that you can do serious writing in a rock song if you can somehow do it without losing the beat. The things I’ve written about wouldn’t be considered a big deal if they appeared in a book or movie.' he played the sport of alienating listeners, defending the right to contradict himself in hostile interviews, to contradict his transgressive image by idealizing sweet or old-fashioned values in word or sound, or to present intuition as blunt logic. but his early work assured him a permanent audience [...] source: new york times.

photo: lou reed