global: prada men's s/s 2013 ad campaign

© prada - dane dehaan

prada leads the way for a new focus in its visual menswear story, focusing on simplicity and detail, and formulating a new kind of elegance along the way. the italian superbrand has cherry picked four leading men - two of them iconic stars and two hot newcomers - to bring their individual sense of style to the s/s 2013 menswear campaign images: dane dehaan, benicio del toro, harvey keitel and aaron taylor-johnson. prada's very own cast stars in an intimate series of black and white portraits, all shot in london by photographer david sims. bare sets and monochrome photography create a blank canvas, contrasting with the individuality and modern energy of these diverse characters. with a stark minimalism, heightening attention to detail, the perfection of the collection is infused with the each of the actors’ strong attitudes. the featured looks include layered shirting, low-cut polo shirts and the utilitarian clean lines of jackets and lightweight coats are a canvas of endless possibilities. sims has applied a rather painterly use of shadow and brightness, creating striking silhouettes, the actors at times almost engulfed by darkness, then completely framed in blinding light. you'll come across these cool images in your fav reads and on billboards across the planet the coming season.

© prada - harvey keitel