global: patrón cocktail party

although we all look forward to it, the road that leads to the holidays is often full of hurdles. there's planning, consideration and other urgent issues to take care of. what to wear? what to eat? and most importantly, what to give? patrón tequila is coming to the rescue. you can win your very own patrón cocktail party for you and your friends by simply answering a few questions about what makes you happy. the holiday happiness experiment looks into what might make us happier these holidays. maybe it isn’t about how much we get. maybe it’s how much we give. once you enter, you will be able to see the results from everyone around the country. you'll also have the chance to receive other great prizes...but there's a catch. you'll have to decide who gets the gift : you or a friend? looking for some unique cocktail ideas for this year’s holiday party? patrón has got you covered there too. well, what are you waiting for? c’mon, get happy!

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