global: nike aw77 hoodie

nike’s iconic heavyweight aw 77 hoodie gets a style injection. initially launched in 1977 by geoff hollister, it received a contemporary makeover, using new technology, materials and by tweaking the design. for the upcoming media launch of the aw 77 hoodie, the brand teamed up with two edgy brit creatives, fashion shnapper david sims and stylist karl templer. the brit duo have captured the personalities of seven leading nike athletes in a dynamic photo series. the likes of maria sharapova, sofia boutella, alexandre pato, rafael nadal, manny pacquiao, kobe bryant and lebron james, show off the aw 77 hoodie with their own attitude and off-court persona. karl templer adds: ‘we started out with the plan to make the most simple, honest, straightforward portraits we could possibly do. by stripping everything away, our goal was to create pictures that were universally powerful, globally, and for anyone in the world. hopefully, they’re timeless enough within the context of being great and powerful images’. the nike aw 77 hoodie launches across the planet on thu - oct 1.
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