global: new BOB + EVE jet sets

when two edgy brands get together, you can expect groovy things to happen. and such is the case with eyewear innovator mykita and niche cosmectics company uslu airlines. the two have collaborated earlier in 2006, co-designing limited edition aviator sunglasses: the BOB for men and a women's model dubbed EVE. as is customary for uslu airlines, the names were inspired by i.a.t.a. 3-letter airport codes. but that was then and this is now! the two relaunch the initiative with shades in three exclusive new colours...but this time with matching nail polish. there's MYK grey-brown, ITA lilac, and the gruesomely fierce SXF neon-yellow. the colours are also repeated in the gradient lenses, which fade from black down to the respective frame colour. and yes ladies [and gents perhaps?], the nail polish is also sold separately. the mykita x uslu airlines' BOB + EVE jet set is available at mykita's own sleek outlets and at select stores across the planet. © mykita - BOB + EVE jet sets in grey-brown, lilac and neon yellow