global: mykita x damir doma

© mykita - modern shades with historic references

mykita's latest collab is one with paris-based fashion designer damir doma for the s/s 2013 season. called dd01, it features a meticulously crafted series of frames and sunglasses. what started out as an in-depth study of forms, colours and surfaces, the collaboration ultimately developed into a circular silhouette in stainless steel and horn. the combination of cool stainless steel and warm natural horn creates both a visual and haptic contrast that's reminiscent of the characteristic mixture of coarse, stiff fabric and soft flowing textures in the damir doma collections. not surprisingly, the result is equally futuristic and presents a look that both complements and adds a new dimension to the designer's work. a traditional shape has been tweaked into something modern and iconic, while retaining a historic reference at the same time. the openly revealed construction of the glasses reflects mykita’s fundamental design approach that the technical solution must at the same time be an aesthetic one. 

the rings are produced from eight different millimetre-thin horn plates combined with each other to create the individual blend of tones. the natural horn is available in grey-white or grey-anthracite with corresponding grey, brown or black lenses, or as a correction frame. mind you, all lenses are from premium lens manufacturer zeiss. the frame material is sourced from indian water buffalos and is supplied by germany’s most renowned producer of horn products. and as presentation is key these days, the packaging is a high-quality leather case, with a special strap system so the glasses can be worn as an accessory attached to the belt and are incorporated into the look. the mykita x damir doma's dd01 collab range is available now at all mykita flagships, in addition to the damir doma store in paris and at select shops across the planet.

© mykita - the complete set of collab shades