global: in for the long haul

there's a better way to go intercontinental, and that's in style. virgin atlantic's premium cabin brings back the 'civil' into civil aviation and has a reminiscent air of the glamour days of long haul travel. with a separate cabin, 38 inches for long legs and 4 extra inches of width for fidgeting, more personal space provides for wanderlust grace. the enhanced service includes proper pre-jihadist style cutlery, almost normal nourishment and a handy comfort case of vanity knick-nacks. virgin atlantic's route network covers an ecletic range of destinations, from shiney miami to mind-blowing cape town, vibrant delhi or intoxicating havana, there's somewhere to excite any well-versed globetrotter. premium prices don't have to be offensive, book early to book with confidence! with priority boarding and disembarkment, you'll be straight down to the luggage carousel to find your priority prada luggage waiting for you elegantly to be reclaimed. so, where's the hitch? well, sharing a toilet with the economy hoi polloi doesn't quite fit the premium profile, but then it does provide the perfect opportunity to queue in sympathy with the not-so-savvy travellers, then dissapear back behind the premium curtain, with elegance of course!
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