global: g-shock x eric haze

© g-shock - the ga110eh-8a collab watch

eric haze a.k.a. haze is one of the planet's leading graffiti artists, and a longtime collaborator of g-shock. for the watch brand's 30th anniversary the two teamed up once again to create the ga110eh-8a, a commemorative watch design with striking detailing. reinvigorating colours from previous haze models, this watch has an iridescent gray finish with red accents, allowing his signature star icon logo to pop off of the watchband. the multi-colored design treatment continues on the dial with elements of red, black and white, enhancing the distinct 3-dimensional effect of the layered dial. the ga110eh-8a stays true to the superior g-shock toughness, including shock and magnetic resistance, 200m water resistance, auto led light, world time [29 timezones / 48 citites +utc], 4 daily alarms with 1 snooze, 1/1000th second stopwatch with speed indicator, countdown timer, and 12/24 hour formats. the new model is available at select g-shock depositories across the planet, but can also be ordered online.

© g-shock - eric haze wearing his newest g-shock design