global: ffixxed s/s 2012 collection

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ffixxed is a collab art + design effort of designers kain picken and fiona lau. based in shenzhen, an expansive and booming suburb of sorts of hong kong, the australian duo design unisex pieces that transcend fashion and aim to contribute to a dialogue about new possibilities for the consumption and production of contemporary culture. but despite the stern principles, ffixxed's designs are fresh and playful, characteristics that have created a global following. the inspiration for its new customized interdependencies - s/s 2012 collection comes from the dynamics at the core of the ffixxed project, and boasts an emphasis on shirts, jackets and other formal dress elements. the new collection is another fusion of quirky designs and fabrics that'll appeal to those with a fashion-forward palate. shown here are eight looks that we particularly like.

the ffixxed customized interdependencies - s/s 2012 collection is available at select stores across the planet, including ooga booga [los angeles], joinery [new york], temporary showroom [berlin], ni d [tokyo] and post party depression [tokyo].

© ffixxed - style for a new generation