global: facteur bag

© veja - the facteur in a bright red

veja has released the facteur bag, a classic bag that takes its name from french postal messengers. part of its projet numéro deux collection, it's entirely made from organic cotton grown by a cooperative of producers in northeast brazil, which means that no chemicals and pesticides have been used. additionally, the leather is tanned by using extracts from the acacia, a natural and pollutant-free alternative. this is a multi-purpose bag, and as such it features a large internal space and many easy to use side compartments. it comes in a range of appealing colours and has a fully adjustable shoulder strap and easy release. veja's facteur bag is available at select stores across the planet, including american rag [los angeles], centre commercial [paris], cumulus [singapore], kapok [hong kong] and tomorrowland [tokyo].

© veja - no, you don't have to be a postman to carry the facteur bag