global: f-abric collection

© freitag / photography: lukas wassmann

in a previous post we talked about our trip to zurich and chat with freitag co-founder daniel freitag, and all on the occasion of the company's 20th anniversary. daniel and his brother markus organized a little party and seized the opportunity to introduce an audacious innovation called f-abric. befitting the fraternal duo's philosophy of sustainable production, it's a new durable textile which is produced in europe with the environment in mind. f-abric is made of the bast fibers hemp and flax as well as modal, all of which are resources that are grown locally and doesn't require a huge water supply to grow.

mind you, compared to the production processes of more common textiles, the journey from fiber to finished product is very limited as all of the production stages take place within just a 2,500-kilometer radius from freitag's factory at homebase zurich. and now, the very first items made from f-abric have become available at select freitag stores and a select number of other emporiums across the planet [click here to view the complete list]. the concise first range of garments consists of a timeless basics: a workpant, a workdress, a t-shirt, a longsleeve shirt and a matching concept bag. shown here are three items that we like most...which is your fav?

© freitag / photography: oliver nanzig