global: diesel + edun denim collection

© diesel - a biker-inspired denim men's jacket from the collab collection

in a previous post we introduced the cool africa-inspired diesel + edun collab collection by way of an exhibition at the diesel flagship store in tokyo. this collection is accompanied by studio africa, a groundbreaking campaign that serves as a virtual loudspeaker of sorts for a new and eager generation of african creative talents from across this vast continent. the campaign features nine artists in fashion, film, music, literature, and photography; individuals with both talent and a deep commitment to their respective countries and people. let us introduce you to these remarkable creatives who show a new and inspiring side of africa. there's laurence chauvin buthaud from abidjan who is sidestepping the corny clichés associated with african fashion and harnessing global influences to make her mark on menswear, and yannick ilunga, an avid lover of cult band joy division who pioneers south africa's new wave aesthetic.

abdellah taïa is the exiled writer from morocco who's breaking taboos as the first openly gay author in the arab world, tanzanian catwalk model flaviana matata helps women empower themselves through education and busines, belgian-congolese artist baloji whose philosophical bent and arsenal of styles challenge what it means to make 'african music', actor sy alassane from senegal who creates opportunities for kids back home; photography collective i see a different you who roam their hometown soweto to capture its cool, uviwe mangweni, the johannesburg-based photojournalist tells stories and creates new images of the ever-changing city, and last but not least there's tanya mushayi from zimbabwe whose work is a heady celebration of african ankara and wax prints. view the video below for a close up look of these inspiring creatives!