global: diesel a/w 2010 sneaker collection

if there's one thing you shouldn't do, it's being stupid to pass by diesel's amazing new a/w 2010 sneaker collection. diesel crafted a variety of hot sneakers that'll give you that badly needed break. no sir, these trophies won't get you running, but kicking ass and firmly anchored in style instead! diesel highlights two new styles from their new collection. the sporty claw series is extrapolated from a blast from the past, the 1995 slumber model, and features a signature side strap.
the treatments series is a more hybrid concoction with embroidered logos, customized soles and treated fabrics. for the current campaign diesel also created this funny video, shot in argentina by acclaimed creative nacho ricci. it not only captures the not made for running campaign's kick-ass spirit but also showcases some of the brand's hot new sneaker styles. it'll be a tough pick. but c'mon, be stupid...why not snap up the entire collection?
© diesel