global: denham soap nuts

© denham

denham knows a thing or two about denim, and for those infatuated with the virgin variety that allows personal wear 'n tear markings, the amsterdam-based brand extends its offerings with the so-called soap nuts range. featuring five expert models in both rigid and stretch selvedge denim with dyed yarn in the colours olive, charcoal and brown, but also an innovative product that lends them their name. mind you, this soap nuts range is delivered with actual soap nuts, fruits that contain a natural substance called saponinwhen dissolved in water, they create mild suds that is very similar to soap and has remarkable detergent properties, easily replacing normal detergents. it works effectively by removing dirt and dissolving oils from denim. soap nuts is a product supported by the denham service co., the denim brand’s very own expert care and repair service. the soap nuts range is exclusively available at the denham stores in europe, japan and australia, in addition to select depositories elsewhere on the planet.

© denham / photography: marc haers