global: brownbook #36

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brownbook's newest issue is out now and it's once again brimming with info and insights on a variety of topics related to urban lifestyle and culture in the middle east and north africa. issue #36 has a special focus on the region's film industry which is still an enigma of sorts, despite thefact that approx. 300 million people share a common language. it has developed in fits and starts and although the leading cultural hubs of egypt and lebanon have nurtured a prolific number of filmmakers, the middle east as a whole has witnessed inconsistency on the silver screen. in the 1970s, egypt saw a boom of independent films in the genres of comedy, thrillers and romance. a decade later beirut witnessed a similar phenomenon and more recently the industry has blossomed in the gulf. so, is it time now for a unified arab film industry? and more importantly, will it manage to revive itself? in this new issue, brownbook traces the region's actors, scriptwriters and directors from gaza through to carthage. the magazine meets identical twin brothers making films before they had even been to a movie theatre and the moroccan dentist who spent his life savings restoring a cinema. there's also an ecounter with the peeps behind the red sea institute for cinematic arts in jordan, who are defining the future of this specific industry. elsewhere there are features on taradouant university for an architectural insight into tradition meets modernity, and the fifth quarter of paris, which houses an ancient arab diaspora. brownbook magazine is available at select stores across the planet, including penn books [new york], wardour news [london], colette [paris], athenaeum [amsterdam] and papercup [beirut].
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