global: brownbook #34

if you didn't know, brownbook is one of our fav reads. this urban guide covers design, culture and travel across the middle east and north africa with a contemporary perspective that's right up our alley. brownbook issue #34 has just been released and is once again brimming with interesting topics. it's been an important twelve months for sports in the middle east. with the arab games held in doha last december and the olympics just around the corner, athletes have an opportunity to be true ambassadors to their countries. for this issue of brownbook has selected five personal tales from the region to champion their hard work and to give them an extra boost as they head to the podium. read about bahaa al farra, a sprinter from gaza, göksu üçtaş a gymnast from rural turkey, the synchronised swimming team in cairo, jordan’s boxing star ihab al matbouli and the u.a.e.'s football team. additionally, the magazine editors traveled to baghdad where a relic of iraq's long-forgotten 1950s olympic bid is still standing.

elsewhere in the new issue turkey's capital ankara is featured, and in particular its art districts that set the scene for a new creative economy. gallery owners and trendsetters are interviewed as to why it's fast becoming creative hub to rival istanbul. in algiers the museum of modern art has been checked out and in beirut, one of our all-time fav cities, it takes a closer look at the work of two vintage furniture designers who are turning old into new. as ramadan approaches, a very useful dubai-based guide to the holy month and a supplement on etiquette in the arab world has been included. brownbook is available at select stores across the planet, including penn books [new york], wardour news [london], colette [paris], athenaeum [amsterdam] and papercup [beirut].

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