global: brooklyn we go hard a/w 2011 collection

© brooklyn we go hard - le look brooklynois brooklyn we go hard hails from paris, but as the name implies the brand is inspired by the cultural melting pot that is brooklyn. constantly evolving, the brand takes cues from the borough's distinct hybrid style pool of both underground and mainstream fashion, to craft a style all its own. for its a/w 2011 - aperture collection it has blended in french flavour, giving the looks a light dressy touch. the brand's fabrics have been carefully sourced and are all natural, and garment production is executed with respect for the environment, and it all adds up to its authentic style. brooklyn we go hard's a/w - aperture 2011 collection is available at select stores across the planet, including reborn [montreal], le bon marché [paris], i.t [hong kong], urban research [tokyo] and incu [sydney].
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