global: acne paper #13

© acne - cover of acne paper #13

acne headed for new york city to launch the newest edition of its high-brow cult read acne paper. dubbed the body issue, it focuses on what arguably us the art world's most referenced topic, the human body. from ancient expressions to the most contemporary viewpoints the 256-page publication offers a compelling narrative roaming through eras, places and topics, and features interviews and essays accompanied by spectacular imagery by some of the world’s greatest visual artists. photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, fashion, and conversation are all art forms showcased in this exquisitely printed volume. features include an artist portfolio of and essay on artist louise bourgeois, a fashion shoot by viviane sassen and mattias karlsson, and an interview with filmmaker lola schnabel. a launch party was recently held at pace gallery, attended by acne paper's editor-in-chief thomas persson and a string of guests. acne paper #13 is available at acne flagships and select bookstores across the planet.

© acne - edition #13 features, editor-in-chief thomas persson flanked by charlotte rey and duncan campbell [top to bottom]