global: a.p.c. x l.g.r. shades

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a.p.c. has teamed up with eyewear brand l.g.r. for two cool unisex shades. oozing top quality, the glasses are hand-made in italy while the frames are manufactured with cellulose acetate. this enables the shape of the sunglasses to be manipulated without heating the materials. the polishing is done by hand, without the use of solvents and paints, resulting in an appealing silky finish. the lenses are mineral tempered, have an anti reflex coating on the inside and offer a solid 100% uv protection. on the other hand, the lenses of the brown colourway are photochromic, turning darker when climes get sunnier. both models drop in a.p.c. flagships across the planet on thu - may 10

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