geneva: aesop store opening

© aesop - a new store in geneva

aesop arrives in geneva, opening its second store in switzerland. located in the very heart of this diplomatic, financial and scientific hub, architect rodney eggleston of melbourne-based design practice march studio crafted a retail space that references these hallmarks. with this in mind, eggleston picked copper as the primary material for the store’s interior. this metal represents its vital role as a form of currency throughout ancient times, its importance to geneva’s great wealth, and as a nod to the designer's mischievous fantasy of a clandestine alpine bunker. a true show stopper is a large, angled copper sink, inspired by the streamlined lustre of a 1970s citroen cx, and which folds itself into the consultation counter and demonstration area. another striking feature is alfredo häberli’s supersonic ds-480 lounge chair, upholstered in a very matching tan leather. location: rue de la fontaine 15 [cité].

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