frankfurt: trading style - the global street

© museum der weltkulturen / photo: wolfgang günzel - fashion design by p.a.m.

opening today [7pm] at the museum der weltkulturen in frankfurt is trading style - the global street, an exhibition that zooms in on the codes of fashion, explores its meaning in society and traces its many trails and connections, all within a historical context. the show features an unprecedented dialogue between past and present worlds of fashion, and presents over 500 historic objects, photographs and films from the museum's collection, together with new designs for clothing and accessories by four fashion labels from across the planet: buki akib, a kind of guise, p.a.m. and cassetteplaya. interestingly, the designers behinf these brands took up a residency at the museum’s lab during the past year, examining the museum's extensive ethnographic collections and creating new and hybrid prototype garments along the way [on through aug 31]. location: schaumainkai 29-37 [sachsenhausen].

© museum der weltkulturen / photos: wolfgang günzel - collection of hats [top] and cassetteplaya's carrie munden [bottom]