frankfurt: rossmarkt3

© wolfgang günzel / tomás saraceno - cloud cities / air-port-city [2010] germany's financial hub frankfurt usually doesn't appear on our radar but this project caught our eye through artist tomás saraceno fascinating sculpture. dubbed rossmarkt3, the project is intended to revitalize rossmarkt, a historic downtown square that initially lost its place in the urban context due to ww II bombings, and later on to various generic urban planning schemes. curator juliane von herz aims to eliminate some of the drabness with art, and by creating a dialogue between the art work, the space and the city's inhabitants. she drafted a jury of 25 young adults who all participated in art, architecture and urban development workshops. this resulted in a study and also the selection of artist tomás saraceno to create rossmarkt3's first sculpture. tomás saraceno's scope reaches beyond the arts and also includes architecture and science. he likes to explore the world and space, and draw comparisons between micro and macro cosmoses. the cloud cities / air-port-city sculpture is a static model of a solar-driven cloud city, constructed from eight tetradecahedron and four dodecahedrons, and very similar to the structure of a foam bubble. the striking sculpture will be exhibited until spring 2011. location: rossmarkt [downtown].
© wolfgang günzel / tomás saraceno - cloud cities / air-port-city [2010]