frankfurt: me

© schirn kunsthalle / photo: norbert miguletz

we're living in the age of the glorified self, or rather, the selfie. but what we digital amateurs concoct for our own amusement or that of others, unsurprisingly pales in comparison to what has been explored in art world for many centuries. the schirn kunsthalle in frankfurt currently hosts an exhibition that sheds light on the dynamics of the self portrait and how it has evolved to this very day. entitled me, the showcase presentis self-portraits, ranging from painting, photog­raphy, video, sculp­ture, and perfor­mance art, by leading contem­po­rary artists. the works on display indicate that they no longer show their faces to the viewer, but instead expose themselves in new and far less direct approaches, distancing them­selves from their own self. interestingly, these works can often so out of the box that they can only be identified as self-portraits through the title. this new kind of portraiture may be void of faces, it's gaining exciting new dimensions. the list of artist particiapting in the exhibition includes sarah lucas, wolfgang tillmans, nam june paik, alicja kwade and jack pierson [on through may 29]. location: römer­berg [altstadt].

© schirn kunsthalle / photo: norbert miguletz / © vg bild-kunst / erwin wurm - self-portrait as a pickle / jack pierson - self portrait #25